Foreign Language Curriculum for Elementary Aged Children
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Brilliant! Languages is a foreign language curriculum for kids in elementary school.

Weeks Formula Each level has three components: a textbook, a workbook, and an audio CD. The curriculum has 96 units for 32 weeks of three lessons per week. You can skip the review lesson each week and only work two days a week on the language. Conversely, you can do a lesson every single day and get more language study in every year.

Brilliant! Languages focuses on delivering language studies for elementary students that can be taught with or without reading and writing practice.

Teacher Owl This allows children who don’t read or write at all or who are not yet proficient enough in reading and writing their first language to begin to learn a foreign language without confusion. This program also works very well with multiple-aged children. The older children can use their workbooks but the younger kids can still be in on the lesson so they are beginning their language study as well. Because our curriculum is designed for teaching foreign languages either with or without reading and writing, Brilliant! Languages textbooks allow the teacher to teach the foreign language without writing anything down and the activities do not require writing or reading. This allows students who are learning to read and write in English to cement their understanding of their first language before introducing foreign language reading rules. We recommend using only the textbook (and CD!) for grades 1 & 2. If the student is ready to work on reading and writing in the foreign language, you can add the workbook in to cover reading and writing as well. We recommend using the workbook for grades 3 and up but you know your student best. If they are ready earlier, you can use the workbook at your discretion. The CD covers all the pronunciation in the textbook spoken by a native speaker. We recommend the CD unless the teacher is a native speaker or fluent with excellent pronunciation.

Immersion is the undisputed best method for learning a language but watching videos is not immersion.

Kids watching TV Language immersion is living in a foreign language speaking country or, minimally, sending your child to a school that teaches in a foreign language. For those who do not have the luxury of immersion, study is required. Many language video programs refer to their method as “immersion” because it mimics immersion for the brief length of the video and within the confines of a scripted world. For a child to learn a language solely through videos, they would have to spend an inordinate (and unhealthy) amount of time in front of screens if it is possible at all. Videos are wonderful for supplementing but apart from a true immersion experience (and usually during a true immersion experience) some study is required.

Repetition is the key to learning.

Brilliant Foreign Languages was developed to maximize repetition and minimized your monetary expenditures while getting the student started as early as possible.  How do we do it?  Level 1 of any language is designed for 1st Graders using just the textbook and audio CD.  Level 2 is designed for 2nd Graders using just the textbook and audio CD.  3rd Graders go back to the Level 1 textbook but add the workbook, since it is assumed that they can now write in their native language.  Finally, 4th Graders do the Level 2 textbook with the addition of the workbook.  We do not recommend the workbook for 1st or 2nd Graders as it may confuse them while they learn spelling and penmanship in their native language.